Client testimonials

“Kevin (the “K” in K. Charles) is the definition of professional. Where do I even begin? Working with Kevin is such a pleasure. He not only goes out of his way to always squeeze a session in for us, but he works tirelessly to make sure our clients are happy. From squeezing in short notice night shoots, pleasing the picky client, calming aggressive dogs, and braving oncoming thunderstorms, he does it all. His work is top of the line and always turns out amazing. We can’t thank Kevin enough for helping us take our business to the next level and being a part of the Samson Family.”

Michelle Samson, Communications Manager
Casey Samson Back Office Team
Samson Properties

“Kevin with K Charles Photo blew me away! I tried to take pictures myself with my camera & I thought they were fine… Kevin came around & told me what he does, I thought the price was great, so I said, “okay, I will see what you can do.” The pictures made all the difference in the world. With everything online, the pictures can make the sale! Once the pictures were up, I received 4 contracts on my home for sale! The buyer also gets to show off to all his friends as well! Creating more positive energy!”  

Gale L. James
“Your Real Estate Lady”
Principle Broker
Relocation Express Realty

“I highly recommend Kevin for all my professional  pictures . He was on time , very informative to my clients and suggested so many things with the shoot. My clients were so pleased with his service . I will  use him again & again !” 

Claudia Sarmiento, Realtor
Long & Foster Realtors

“People have nothing but the best to say about Kevin’s work. He is prompt, reliable and always has a good attitude. There was an instance where we needed exterior shots on a 1.4 million dollar listing and had a small window to get them done before a thunder storm hit. We had lightening less than a quarter mile away. To my surprise, Kevin grabs a 20 foot tall pole and starts getting these shots in right before the storm hit. Pictures came out phenomenal after he photoshopped out the storm in the distance.”

Colby Smyth, Realtor VA,DC
Top Producer - The Casey Samson Team

Look no further than Kevin for your real estate photography needs! There are many photographers out there that are doing their job to pay the bills. With Kevin though, you have a sense that this is not just a job for him, but a passion! He is simply amazing at his craft and passion for photography. I have been impressed by his work ever since I first used him. The photography provides the wow factor that you need to have your home properly marketed and to drive in the potential buyers. I can definitely attribute my success of bringing in so many people to the home to Kevin’s ability to obtain the right angle with the perfect amount of light to get the shots that really sell the home. As a bonus, Kevin’s customer service is top notch. He responds quickly and understands the urgency of the real estate market as his photographs are ready that night. He ensures that the job is complete and you are satisfied with the results. There is no one I would rather use than Kevin for my real estate photography needs!

Brian Mason, REALTOR®
Pearson-Smith Realty

“I use Kevin McCarthy for my real estate listings photos. His work is excellent and he is very professional. Your listings will look very professional. He’s great to work with, affordable and flexible.”

Sybil Terry, Realtor
Samson Properties

“Kevin is a true professional. All our clients compliment us on both his photography and the time and patience he takes to get all the photos needed. He definitely goes above and beyond for us.”

Pam Mooney, Realtor
The Casey Samson Team
Samson Properties